Systemic marketing as highly effective approach towards personal freedom – 4 key questions

When reading the title of this article, you may already start thinking about the possible meaning of systemic marketing. Although your first associations can be on right, I’m going to explain it in this article so you won’t have any doubts anymore. By really understanding what systemic marketing is about, you’ll be able to use it for a more successful marketing strategy. And you’ll achieve more personal freedom because of that.

The reason why you should implement systemic marketing

But first things first. How can systemic marketing possibly contribute to achieving more personal freedom? Well, that’s because it gives you the necessary resources. But how in earth do you know what kind of resources I need? Of course I cannot know the specific and highly personal resources you need. At least, if we didn’t talk to each other yet. Notice that I’m using the word ‘specific’ resources. Because I do know which kind of general resources are overall needed for achieving more personal freedom.

Needed by whom? By infopreneurs, which are entrepreneurs who are making a living from using their expertise. But how can you know the general needed resources? By now I coached en mentored dozens of infopreneurs and I’m talking to close to a hundred infopreneurs every month. Next to that, I’m an infopreneur myself. That means I’ve got plenty of (personal) experience to know which resources will be conditional for realizing more personal freedom as an infopreneur.

You’re repeatedly using the words ‘personal freedom’ now, but what exactly do you mean by it? Of course the word can mean many things. I’ll share with you my subjective description of personal freedom. This way, you’ll better know what I’m referring to in this article.

By personal freedom I mean being able to get generously compensated (financial freedom) for your talents and ambitions while having a strong peace of mind (mental freedom).

The systemic marketing resources for achieving personal freedom

Now there’s still the question: how can systemic marketing contribute to this kind of freedom? That brings me back to the conditional resources which I mentioned earlier. So, which resources are essential for achieving more personal freedom? Systemic marketing will activate:

  • Financial freedom by:
    • A strong laserfocus
    • A solid structure
    • A powerful helicopter view
  • Mental freedom by:
    • Exceptional clarity
    • Resistless movement
    • Balanced choices

Some of these resources may already be filled in perfectly for you for now. But as you know, the chain is as strong as the weakest link. At least, in this situation it is. So it’s time to utilize systemic marketing to its fullest potential.

Now that you’re more aware of the beneficial nature of systemic marketing, it’s time to understand it. Because understanding is the first step for reaping the fruits from the systemic approach.

The key questions for activating Yarigai, the art of doing

Yarigai diagram

In the past, people tend do not fully understand what I meant after explaining systemic marketing. I often used the words of integrality and synergy but that often made it even more confusing. So I decided to develop a model which explains systemic marketing. This model is called the Yarigai system and is highly accessible, practical, and relevant for infopreneurs specifically. All systems consists of an input, process and output. The Yarigai system is no exception to that.

Before jumping straight away to the input areas, processes and output areas, first take a look at the Yarigai questions. In the leaves of the Yarigai diagram you find the main questions. You need to ask yourself those questions properly to achieve more personal freedom. Those questions are:

  1. What do I want to express?
  2. What do I want to contribute?
  3. What do I want to try out?
  4. What do I want to continue?

At first glance, these questions look like they got nothing to do with marketing. Although these questions indeed look far-fetched, they are in fact the essence of systemic marketing. Answering those questions with great clarity and conviction is not an easy thing to do. But once you’re getting closer to the right answers for you, it leads to more personal freedom. This freedom will be needed in order to experience life as an art.

Viewing life as an art is one of the possible translations of the Japanese word Yarigai. That’s why you’ll find Yarigai in the center of the diagram. More literal translations would be the value, purpose or reason of doing.

But how do you answer those questions in a proper way? Therefore, you want to make use of the integrated system.

The focus areas to better answer the Yarigai questions

Yarigai system

The input blocks show you which focus will help you to answer the Yarigai questions. The output blocks can be viewed as the result areas of your answers to the questions. A focus on the input and output blocks can reveal and improve the right answers to the questions. That’s why those blocks are extremely important to take into account.

The process areas for connecting everything together

The processes (cycling steps around the diagram) are connecting the input to the output blocks. Systemic marketing is aimed at making the connection between the input and output blocks stronger. This can be done by going through the steps over and over again. After every cyclus, your answers to the questions will become more clear, congruent, and relevant. Because of the cycling nature of the processes, putting effort into the steps is really an ongoing process.

The integration of Spiral Dynamics

We now shortly covered the Yarigai spot, the Yarigai questions and the relation of the input and output blocks with those questions. There is one more thing you need to know about the Yarigai system, that is: the colors of those blocks. Each color represent a different value system of a different (existing) model called Spiral Dynamics. A value system can be seen as, among other things, a collection of inner values. There are 8 value systems in total and they increase in complexity.

If one of the input or output blocks is unhealthy in any way, you can dive into the related value system. The associated value system can help you to identify which neglected key value could be the root cause for the unhealthy input or output block. Making the input or output healthy again by giving more attention to the neglected key values, will then improve your answers on the Yarigai questions. And being better able to answer the Yarigai questions will again positively contribute to personal freedom. This freedom is, as I already mentioned, needed to activate Yarigai, the art of doing. It leads to a life and business with more passion instead of resistance.

The definition of systemic marketing

If I had to summarize the meaning of systemic marketing in just one sentence, it would be this:

Systemic marketing is a systematic and integral approach for making deliberate marketing decisions based on what you want to express and what you want to contribute.

To keep this article relatively short, I’m not going to cover all of the Yarigai elements individually, like the questions, input and output blocks, and the value systems connected to those blocks. In order to get more personal freedom by utilizing the Yarigai system, the explanation of those elements will certainly be helpful. That’s why I’m sharing with you a free online mini course about the Yarigai system. This way, you don’t only know what systemic marketing is all about. But you can also reap the fruits from using the Yarigai system. You can click here to get free access to the explanation video series which also includes valuable assignments.

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