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True Experience

Professional 1-on-1 guidance for 1 month
400 One-off payment
  • 1 guided business experiment for some quick wins & new insights
  • 1 guided business assignment for getting clarity about your priorities
  • 1 business advisory check-in call contributing to a focus boost
  • 30 days access to our digital environment with learning materials
  • Lifelong access to your own digital business canvas environment
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Deep Alignment

Professional 1-on-1 guidance for 6 months
450/month 2.700,- in total
  • 4 guided business experiments for gaining more business momentum
  • 4 guided business assignments contributing to a fulfilling business
  • 4 business advisory check-in calls contributing to a powerful focus
  • 6 months access to our digital environment with learning materials
  • Lifelong access to your own digital business canvas environment

Full Awakening

Professional 1-on-1 guidance for 12 months
400/month 4.800,- in total
  • 8 guided business experiments for getting serious business traction
  • 8 guided business assignments contributing to a thriving business
  • 8 business advisory check-in contributing to a strong laser focus
  • Lifelong access to our digital environment with learning materials
  • Lifelong access to your own digital business canvas environment
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The key benefits of the business assignments


True Experience

Deep Alignment

Full Awakening

Pictured potential

Clarify your intentions

Planned purpose

Build the right plan

Powerful passion

Utilise your passion

Powering people

Embody your mission

Prominent positioning

Develop distinctiveness

Proven proposition

Develop desirability

Profitable product

Maximise your profits

Persuasive presentation

Build a strong brand

The experience from one of our clients

Our systematic 6-week cycles

We believe in creating a seamless experience for our participants. We provide guidance and accountability from start to finish as well as tailored assignments specific to your needs. Our coaches help you identify your best next steps as well as keeping track of your progress along the way. Our programs have a highly intuitive, effective and systematic approach to get the best results for your specific business needs.


Week 1:

Short experiments to get key new insights

We’ll set up a new business experiment and discuss the previous experiment once every 6 weeks. This will help you to make steady progress, get valuable new insights, utilise what’s working and quit what isn’t working.


Week 3:

Advisory check-in calls to stay on the right track

We’ll help you to make timely adjustments if something isn’t working. And to double down on the things which seem to work best. Also, all other questions regarding your progress will be thoroughly discussed during those calls.


Week 5:

Business assignments to get solid structure

You’ll get valuable business assignments and get time to receive feedback on it. This will provide you with the right structure so that you won’t get lost in the sea of possibilities. It’s essential for sustainable business growth.

Few more experiences from our clients

The business assignments

We’ll go through a single business assignment once every 6 weeks. This is part of the systematic 6-week cycle. You’ll get access to learning materials so you’ll have proper context for making the assignments. Next to this, you’ll get professional and customised feedback. The business assignments will provide you with the exact right amount of structure for growing your business.

True Experience

A sustainable direction after 1 month


You’ll get a very clear picture of what you want and what’s most important to you. Your core values will be connected to your goals. Every goal outside of your value scope will be removed and those with a strong connection will be strongly emphasized.

Deep Alignment

A sustainable purpose after 6 months


You’ll build a clear brand vision and mission. It’s strongly aligned with your personal mission and values. Your purpose will be stronger than ever. It will provide you with strong intrinsic motivation for making your most important business goals reality.

Full Awakening

A sustainable business after 12 months


You’ll clearly understand how different parts of your business are connected to each other. This insight will help you to get much more out of each part and build synergetic combinations. It’s about bringing everything together in a way which is most beneficial.

Part of the True Experience Package

Charting your purposeful business path

Success starts with having a clearly defined goal. Most entrepreneurs already have goals. But if those goals are not strongly connected to your core values, it won’t be sustainable to pursuit. That’s why it’s vital to first check-in on your main drivers. Once you’re having better insight in what’s driving you, you can discover which business goals are most important to you.

The process of getting better insight into your core values and connect those to your goals, is key to sustainable success. The Bronze level will guide you through this process.


Bill Monsour

“I’m Bill Monsour and I’m a trainer of executives and high-level managers in communication skills. After I’ve been working on my business for 40 years, I realise that the world doesn’t stand still and neither should I. So I needed to check to see if the values that I hold are still being communicated in my work and marketing. I wanted to make sure it’s coming across clearly in the way I intended it. By Youri asking me a series of questions and being in discussion with me, I was able to go back and systematically think through my whole business case. And how I was setting up my marketing to be aligned with my own values and goals. I narrowed my focus for my niche group.

One of the ways he did that, was by speaking with me regularly. And giving me little homework assignments using a Miro board. He created different kind of environments where I could put in my own answers and tailor the discussion to my particular situation. What I appreciate about Youri particularly, is he is an excellent listener. He also brings a youthful perspective to the way he coaches, mentors and engages me. Also, he is extremely friendly, honest, relaxed, and confident.

Youri is a spiralpreneur. That is how I feel about it too. They way he was able to come in to my business case and to look at my situation in all different angles, and to help all of the ingredients come together and spiral up into a more confident, better aligned and successful business model for myself. So thank you Youri! I really appreciate it and I can recommend you to virtually anybody.”


Part of the Deep Alignment Package

Achieving sustainable success by transcending limiting beliefs

In the Deep Alignment, we’ll be looking at your goals, values and build a quarterly plan towards your most important business goal. But we won’t stop there. For building a fulfilling business, it’s essential to have a clear understanding about the things you are most passionate about and talented at. So that you can connect that to what the world needs and what you can get paid for. We’ll also dive into your limiting beliefs and identifications and bend them into reinforcing beliefs instead. This will create more peace and harmony around what you’re doing.


Martine Smidt-Luijk

“I’m Martine Smidt-Luijk and I’m a trainer and coach for millennials. I focus especially on living up to work expectations. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got many things to pay attention to. I noticed that the focus to grow my business was gone. I asked Youri from SpiralPreneur to guide me in my visibility. And to make sure that I can generate structural income. Youri is someone who is a good listener and thinks along with me. He has a lot of knowledge and methods that make working more efficient. He made sure that I’d be working in a more structured way, that I got more focus, and that I started using my network. He made me experience that people often are happy to help you. And that has only brought positive results. I stepped out of my comfort-zone and based on this program I saw where my opportunities lay. Youri is someone who knows how to get your moving in a pleasant way. If you want to grow your business and you want somebody to do this with you, you should definitely work with Youri from SpiralPreneur.”

Part of the Full Awakening Package

Elevating your business to sustainable success

In the Gold Level, the Bronze and Silver Level is included. From a sustainable direction and foundation you’ll build a sustainable business. We’ll be connecting your personal and business insights, lessons, ideas and conclusions in a clear way. But we won’t stop at things you already know. All possible question marks related to your business will be covered and prioritised. This way, you’ll really be able to connect the dots and get more overview, clarity and structure regarding your business case. It’s really about making synergetic combinations in a way that is beneficial to you and your stakeholders. The marketing aspect of your business will be covered in great detail. Not by making long and inspiring plans, but by putting your action plans into practice.


Martien de Bruijn

“I’m Martien de Bruijn and I’m a personal coach at my own company Mar10 Training & coaching. Before founding my own company, I worked for 26 years at the Rabobank where I interacted a lot with entrepreneurs.

I get to know Youri as a quiet smart man who was able to listen very well. And he asked me good questions that made me think. I started my own company while I was still working at Rabobank. So I set it up, step by step, in a practical way. Because of this, I had not yet addressed the question of who I am as an entrepreneur and what I found important in my business.

Youri has guided me through this process in a very natural way. And let me become in contact with my core values as an entrepreneur. I found out my key values are confidence, fun and passion. I’ve experienced the process with Youri as very valuable and it has ensured that I can take the next steps as an entrepreneur with more self-knowledge. Thank you for that Youri.”


Successfully navigate through the uncertainty of your business environment

The magic regarding your business goals starts to happen after you’re getting the right insights. But it can be challenging to get the right insights which will be most crucial for your business success. This process needs to be sufficiently structured and closely monitored. That’s something which we can help you with. The right guidance with setting up experiments to test your key assumptions, will lead to key insights which will directly contribute to your business success.

In all of the Levels, you’ll get guidance with setting up various short-term experiments and monitoring the results in the right way. These guided experiments will be the fastest and most sustainable way towards achieving your main business goals.


Marloes Scheffers

“My name is Marloes Scheffers. I reached out for help for my coaching business. It really needed some attention. In my personal life I’ve had some serious setbacks. And I was struggling to move on. Youri and I had therefore started trying to find my business goals and my values in my business. He really got me moving again. I enjoyed the attention, the questions and the talks. Trough talking I learned a lot about why I do what I actually do in my coaching business, what I believe and what I bring to the table.

I really appreciate Youri mostly for the questions that he asked me and the time he gives me to develop my answers. I wasn’t aware that my answers needed this much of attention still. In the past months I’ve grown from survival mode (business wise) into a more reflective mode. Which wasn’t uncomfortable. It made me curious. So it was also a good timing. I was willing to learn. Lately, I believe I moved in this really sweet place of letting go. Just being. Understanding that all I need to do is to just be to reach my optimal capacity as the person I am. So thank you Youri.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The programs (including the 1-on-1 guidance) is designed to be given online. If you live nearby Amsterdam (or you don’t mind to travel), it’s possible to choose for a hybrid variant.

‘So, why online?’ The online character of the trajectories will give you the full flexibility to join the sessions from wherever you are without spending your valuable time travelling.

The video calls will be facilitated by Zoom. This will allow us to share our screens so that our communication runs smoothly and effectively.

Yes. Throughout the process, the assigned business coach will be available to you for questions or short phone consultations. In-between contact moments will, based on a fair use, not be charged.

Youri Hermes is going to guide your trajectory. He has guided many entrepreneurs already. He will always provide your with his most relevant and valuable insights which he gained over the years from guiding other purpose-driven solopreneurs.

In the 6 months (Deep Alignment) program the emphasis lays on yourself. Whereas in the 12 months (Full Awakening) program you go through both yourself as well as your business. Meaning, the 12 months program includes the 6 months program and transcends it.

Definitely not. In both programs you’ll start from day 1 on setting up business experiments. Those experiments are aimed at getting valuable business insights. This will help you tremendously with deciding on what to focus on. It will help you to make the right business decisions soon.

Of course, you can. But then also ask yourself to be realistic. Because it’s not just about being consistent to follow the program on your own. It’s so much more than that.

We’re not just offering accountability. Because most entrepreneurs we guide are usually sufficiently motivated already.

The thing what really makes the difference is having a professional sparring partner. Having someone to ask you the right questions. Having someone to call you on bullshit thinking. Having someone to have deep knowledge & experience about the program you follow, since he guided many entrepreneurs through the same program before you. Having someone to help you focus on the most essential part. And to hold this focus for as long as necessary. And having someone to provide you with the right structure.

As you can see, there is much more than just accountability. Having access to the learning environment and digital business library comes to handy when you know how to utilise it to its fullest potential. With our experience, we exactly know how to help you with that.