Online 1-on-1 workshop packages


Gain deep insight into your values for a consistent business presentation.
295 (2 workshops)
  • Insight in your core values
  • Powerful brand values
  • Clear brand vision & mission


Develop clarity as never experienced before regarding your proposition.
590 (4 workshops)
  • Strong unique selling points
  • Distinctive value proposition
  • Perfect target audience


Develop a highly effective and congruent focus for way more profit.
995 (8 workshops)
  • Includes other packages
  • Extreme profitable focus
  • Strong business structure

(includes 2 workshops)

The package is all about (re)discovering your core values and most importantly: check-in with them. We’re going to align your business activities with your vision and mission. This will lead to a more congruent and consistent business presentation.

You can view his package as the personal foundation for your business. At STEP 1 (revise) we will first check which occupations are still aligned with your core values. Everything else should be stopped so that you make room for that which is most important to you. STEP 2 (initialise) is all about knowing which initiative you want to set up which contributes to fulfilling your key values. Therefore, we’ll look at your core values, main goals, obstacles, and resources.


Testimonial - Bill

“I’m Bill Monsour and I’m a trainer of executives and high-level managers in communication skills. After I’ve been working on my business for 40 years, I realize that the world doesn’t stand still and neither should I. So I needed to check to see if the values that I hold are still being communicated in my work and marketing. I wanted to make sure it’s coming across clearly in the way I intended it.

By Youri asking me a series of questions and being in discussion with me, I was able to go back and systematically think through my whole business case. And how I was setting up my marketing to be aligned with my own values and goals. I narrowed my focus for my niche group. One of the ways he did that, was by speaking with me regularly. And giving me little homework assignments using a Miro board. He created different kind of environments where I could put in my own answers and tailor the discussion to my particular situation.

What I appreciate about Youri particularly, is he is an excellent listener. He also brings a youthful perspective to the way he coaches, mentors and engages me. Also, he is extremely friendly, honest, relaxed, and confident. 

You might look at Youri and think, ‘Here is this guy who is not that old’. And yet, he has very strong coaching skills. Although he might not have the years of stories, metaphors and examples from past clients, who cares about that? What I need is that he listens to me, and to help me come up with my stories and examples from my business experience.

As a result of working with Youri, I had the best client I ever had. This was someone who was perfectly aligned with my values, what I wanted to get across, and also work with me the way I like to work with executives. What I want is more of those kind of customers. So I needed to make sure that the way I present myself (including all of my marketing materials), are aimed at that type of client. Because that’s where I’m going to be the most successful and my clients will be the most successful. That win-win experience is going to be best for all of us. 

Youri is a spiralpreneur. That is how I feel about it too. They way he was able to come in to my business case and to look at my situation in all different angles, and to help all of the ingredients come together and spiral up into a more confident, better aligned and successful business model for myself. So thank you Youri! I really appreciate it and I can recommend you to virtually anybody.”


(includes 4 workshops)

It can be hard to determine your niche audience focus. Especially if you don’t want to exclude other target groups. Still, the right focus will strongly contribute to growing your business to the next level. You can best view this package as the business foundation.

We’ll walk through 4 of the 8 steps of the Yarigai system. STEP 3 (analyse) is aimed at getting clarity regarding your proposition. STEP 4 (visualise) is all about putting what you know thus far into practice so that you learn valuable lessons along the way. STEP 5 (criticise) will help you to collect proof for your proposition. STEP 6 (personalise) is aimed at making choices regarding the focus of your target audience. And also to adapt to the needs of different stakeholders which you need to take into account.

“My name is Marloes Scheffers. I reached out for help for my coaching business. It really needed some attention. In my personal life I’ve had some serious setbacks. And I was struggling to move on. Youri and I had therefore started trying to find my business goals and my values in my business. He really got me moving again. I enjoyed the attention, the questions and the talks. Trough talking I learned a lot about why I do what I actually do in my coaching business, what I believe and what I bring to the table.

I really appreciate Youri mostly for the questions that he asked me and the time he gives me to develop my answers. I wasn’t aware that my answers needed this much of attention still. In the past months I’ve grown from survival mode (business wise) into a more reflective mode. Which wasn’t uncomfortable. It made me curious. So it was also a good timing. I was willing to learn. Lately, I believe I moved in this really sweet place of letting go. Just being. Understanding that all I need to do is to just be to reach my optimal capacity as the person I am. So thank you Youri.”

Testimonial - Marloes

(includes 8 workshops)

This package is all about utilizing your insights from your inner and outer research. Without sufficient research, you’ll experience a staggered and ineffective focus. That’s why it’s necessary to include all of the steps in the other packages into this all-in-one package. Meaning it includes walking through STEP 1 to 6. But it’s not limited to those packages and steps.

We’ll put the focus on getting the most out of your initiatives with the biggest potential. This will be done by STEP 7 (metricise) which is all about setting up a solid plan with clear measurements for success. You’ll know exactly which focus will lead to certain results and are determined to fully activate this focus. Next to that, we’ll also go through STEP 8 (structurize). This step is about streamlining current processes so that you’ll save time, effort and money.


Testimonial - Martien

“I’m Martien de Bruijn and I’m a personal coach at my own company Mar10 Training & coaching. Before founding my own company, I worked for 26 years at the Rabobank where I interacted a lot with entrepreneurs.

I get to know Youri as a quiet smart man who was able to listen very well. And he asked me good questions that made me think. I started my own company while I was still working at Rabobank. So I set it up, step by step, in a practical way. Because of this, I had not yet addressed the question of who I am as an entrepreneur and what I found important in my business.

Youri has guided me through this process in a very natural way. And let me become in contact with my core values as an entrepreneur. I found out my key values are confidence, fun and passion. I’ve experienced the process with Youri as very valuable and it has ensured that I can take the next steps as an entrepreneur with more self-knowledge. Thank you for that Youri.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is one available discount. If you decide to get the FOCUS package, you’ll save more than 25%. There is no discount available for the other packages.

The online workshops are giving you the flexibility to join the sessions from wherever you are without spending valuable time travelling.

The video calls will be facilitated by Zoom. This will allow us to share our screens so that our communication runs smoothly and effectively.

That’s certainly possible! The 1-on-1 only means that it’s a personal workshop. Meaning that the workshop won’t be given to other clients from other businesses at the same time.

The name of workshop has been chosen because of the interactive nature of each session. For each session we’ll set an objective and work towards that. Next to that, we’ll discuss the progress of the previous actions and determine the next steps.

Yes. Throughout the process, Youri (facilitator) will be available to you for questions or phone consultations. In-between contact moments will not be charged based on a fair use.

A workshop generally takes 1 to 1,5 hours, depending on what is needed for the desired outcome of each workshop.

Workshops are scheduled at an average interval of 2 weeks. Depending on your available time and needed guidance, we’ll decide the interval which works best for you.

The initiator of Spiralpreneur, Youri Hermes, is going to facilitate your trajectory. He has guided many infopreneurs (entrepreneurs who are selling their expertise) already. He will constantly provide your with his most relevant and valuable insights which he gained over the years from working with highly skilled infopreneurs.

You can only take the POWERFUL PROPOSITION package once you have completed the ALIGNED PRESENTATION package. That’s because it’s necessary to first get clear insight into your deeper motivations. Only then it will be sustainable to invest in your value proposition.

TIP! If you already know you want to get the POWERFUL PROPOSITION package as well, you can best consider package PROFITABLE FOCUS. This package includes all packages and offers many extras with a big discount.