The Yarigai system

The #1 tool for sustainable business development


The Yarigai questions

To achieve more personal freedom, you want to answer the Yarigai questions which you’ll find in the diagram. The opposing questions are:

  • ‘What do I want to self-express?’ vs.What do I want to contribute?’
  • ‘What do I want to create?’ vs. ‘What do I want to continue?’

Once you’re getting closer to finding the right answers on these questions, you’ll activate the spiralpreneur within yourself. The spiralpreneur knows how to make a sustainable social impact for a more functional world and acts upon this knowing.

But how do you answer those questions in a proper way? For this we got the Spiralpreneur system, which is the heart of systemic marketing.

The 8 steps of the Yarigai system

The input blocks (red, purple, green and blue) show you which focus will help to answer the questions (aimed to achieve more personal freedom). The output blocks (orange) show you the result areas of your answers to the questions. Both the input and the output blocks will contribute to finding the right answers to the questions.

The processes (cycling steps around the diagram) are connecting the input to the output blocks. By making the connection between the input and output blocks stronger, your answers to the questions will become more clear. The processes are having a cycling nature. This means that putting effort in the steps is really just an ongoing process.

5️⃣ – Personalise for people:
Your most important stakeholders which contributes to more social impact.

6️⃣ – Metricise your profit:
The key performance indicators which contributes to more focus.

7️⃣ – Structurize your policy:
Your main business decisions which contributes to more structure.

8️⃣ – Revise your presentation:
Your brand vision, mission & values which contributes to more alignment.


1️⃣ – Initialise your passion:
Your most important goals which contributes to more direction.

2️⃣ – Analyse your positioning:
Your main unique selling points which contributes to more differentiation.

3️⃣ – Visualise your picture:
The visualisation of your best ideas which contributes to more clarity.

4️⃣ – Criticise your proposition:
The key customer pains & benefits which contributes to more functionality.

The integration of Spiral Dynamics

The Spiral Dynamics model provides insight into the deeper motivations of human behavior. Take a look at the SD Summary Model to find out more about the main distinctions which can be made in order to better understand the model.

Spiral Dynamics consists of 8 different value systems. The beige (most primitive) and turquoise (most complex) value system are both excluded from the Yarigai system. All of the other value systems are connected to one or more of the input or output blocks of the Yarigai system.

The main reason for integrating Spiral Dynamics into the Yarigai system is because healthy systems are essential in order to use the related qualities, like having a strong picture focus which is connected to the purple value system.


Free yarigai guide for sustainable business development

This Yarigai guide helps entrepreneurs & teams to realise their ambitions in a more sustainable way. You’ll learn more about: