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The main challenges of growing your business

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Growing your business in today’s world can be overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing. Especially when you don’t have the right tools to help you succeed. With so many distractions and no clearly defined path, it’s not surprising you’re overwhelmed.

Trying to figure things out on your own can be time consuming and disheartening. You become frustrated that you’re not moving as fast forward as you’d like. Because there’s just so many things to do, and who has time for that?

Youri Hermes

Youri Hermes


Pascal van den Boorn

We have grown many businesses, will your business be next?

The consultants connected to SpiralPreneur have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs on growing their business. We are strongly involved with our clients growth. This makes us more valuable than a business consultant (who only gives advice) or business coach (who only asks questions). Thanks to our years of experience, there are no business challenges which we are unfamiliar with.

We are specialised in helping busy (solo) entrepreneurs with scalable ambitions. They often feel overwhelmed with all of the business necessities and possibilities. This brings uncertainty, frustration, and confusion. We’re happy to say that we’ve successfully transformed this situation for hundreds of entrepreneurs before you.

Our ways for helping you to grow your business

Business development is a lot of things. It’s about getting clarity on where you’re going and how to get there, finding focus and keeping it, and building a solid structure for your business. It’s about getting an overview of where you are, so that you can see what’s working and what isn’t working in your business right now. And it’s about gaining insight into the way you work best—so that when you hit a wall or have a tough decision to make, you have the right tools at your disposal.

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Get rock-solid structure

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Get a clear roadmap

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Get a sharp laserfocus

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Get a holistic overview

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Get accurate insights

Our systematic 6-week cycles

We believe in creating a seamless experience for our clients: we’ll provide guidance and accountability from start to finish as well as tailored assignments specific to your needs. Our coaches will not only help you identify your next steps. But also to keep track of progress along the way—and even come up with experiments for you to try out. Our program follows a highly intuitive, effective, and systematic monthly approach to get the best results for your business.


Week 1

Experiments to get new insights

We’ll set up a new business experiment and discuss the previous experiment once every month. This will help you to make steady progress, get valuable new insights, and utilise that which is working best.


Week 3

Accountability to keep a sharp focus

We’ll keep you accountable regarding your business experiment. This will help you to make timely adjustments if something isn’t working. And to double down on the things which seem to work best.


Week 5

Assignments to get business structure

The assignment consists of filling in forms and receiving feedback on it. You’ll bring everything together and receive overview, structure, and new insights by doing so. It’s essential for growing your business.

The experiences of some of our clients

Bill Monsour

Marloes Scheffers

Martien de Bruijn

Martine Smidt-Luijk

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