Choose your desired accountability

Transform your business, step-by-step, month after month

Product accountability
designed for teams

195 (excl. VAT) / month
  • Sharp laserfocus - quarterly business goal
  • Valuable insights - 2x per month experiment feedback
  • Accountability - 2x per month business check-in call
  • Continuous progress - experiment every month
  • Rock-solid structure - visual business summaries

Business accountability
designed for solopreneurs

295 (excl. VAT) / month
  • Sharp laserfocus - quarterly business goal
  • Valuable insights - 2x per month experiment feedback
  • Accountability - monthly 30 min business check-in call
  • Continuous progress - experiment every 2 months
  • Rock-solid structure - visual business summaries
  • Crystal-clear ambitions - monthly assignment
  • Valuable insights - 1x per month assignment feedback

Which program suits me best?

Both accountability programs are designed for entrepreneurial teams or individuals who would label themselves as visionaries, creatives, and innovators. The Flex Accountability Program is ideal for teams who just need guidance with setting up well-structured business experiments, draw the right conclusions, and decide the best follow-up actions towards sustainable success.

For solopreneurs we’ve got the Fix Accountability ProgramIt combines innovative experimentation with steady business continuation. The program is perfect for those who know:

  1. The strong business foundation & strategy are crucial for sustainable success
  2. The business foundation & strategy are not set in stone: they are very dynamic
  3. Getting professional guidance from an “outsider” will lead to new valuable insights

Personalised professional feedback

The feedback will be efficiently delivered to you through voice messages. If anything is unclear to you, you can easily reply on these messages and get a quick response.

Depending on your chosen package, you’ll either get bimonthly or weekly feedback. The Semi Accountability Program includes two feedback moments for the experiment: in the first and the last week of the month. If you choose for the Full Accountability Program instead, you’ll also receive in-between feedback moments for both your experiment and assignments.

The structure of each month

Week 1 - Set up experiment

Each month will be started with setting up a well-defined structured experiment for testing your main assumption.

Week 2 - Make an assignment

The assignments consists of a well-thought out form which will help you to clarify your thoughts and ideas.

Week 3 - Steer on feedback

Based on the received feedback from us and the experiment you run, you'll adjust your business canvas & experiment.

Week 4 - Determine follow-up

With your new insights of last month, you'll change your plans if needed and get insight in the best follow-up actions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive the personalised feedback through voice messages. This will allow you to quickly respond on it if anything is unclear and get a quick reply.

The customisation aspect lays in the fact that the program has been carefully thought out for specifically visionary entrepreneurs. The path is intuitive and contributes to the most sustainable business outcome.

The generation of business canvasses will be fully carried out by us. We’ll make a virtual environment just for you and place your answers (from your assignments) in the right spot. You’ll get access to your digital business environment. This way, you can review and change anything if necessary.

The initiator of Spiralpreneur, Youri Hermes, is going to guide your trajectory. He has guided many entrepreneurs already. He will always provide your with his most relevant and valuable insights which he gained over the years from guiding entrepreneurs with online ambitions.