About Spiralpreneur

The person behind Spiralpreneur

My name is Youri Hermes. I am still in my twenties and I have a background in entrepreneurship, with a strong focus in marketing and sales. I finished my bachelor in Entrepreneurship and have been working on my entrepreneurial ambitions ever since. Soon after graduating, I found out that contributing to entrepreneurial people was something I was strongly interested in. That’s why, during my studies, I started guiding a variety of people (from young studentpreneurs to experienced entrepreneurs) with personal coaching trajectories and trainings. On this page, I will share with you where this need is coming from.


By the way, what is a Spiralpreneur?

Spiralpreneur consists of two words:

  • The spiral reflects the movement of sustainable development: not linearly but gradually improving
  • Preneur may be derived from the Latin word “prendes”, which means understanding

This means the definition of a Spiralpreneur is one who understands how sustainable change can be realized and acts upon this knowing. The opposite of a spiralpreneur is a linearpreneur. They are both entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial, but in a different way. The table shows the main differences.

What my clients tell about my services:

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Kort gezegd helpen wij ondernemers van denken in tekorten naar denken vanuit overvloed.

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Wij faciliteren ondernemers met een persoonlijke en integrale aanpak bij het synergetisch realiseren van een duurzame verandering.

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Integraal, synergie, verandering, duurzaamheid en persoonlijk zijn onze belangrijkste waarden van waaruit wij handelen.

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Integraal ondernemen.

My fascination for change

Change is something which deeply fascinates me. Nothing which we can comprehend stays the same. The moment you realize this, you can much better embrace and adapt to it. Instead of what people are used to do, which is often to control and resist it. I have resisted the inevitable change for quite some time until I suddenly wasn’t able to do so anymore.

At age 25, I started working as a sales consultant at Tergos (brand from Vibe Group) next to my coaching business. Till then I was basically postponing life for quite some time. Apparently, this was part of my personal process. Sadly, we live in a society where postponing life for long periods of time is the status quo. Doing stuff which does not really fit your potential, but it pays the bills and you somehow became comfortable with it. But somewhere deep down you know there is something else waiting for you and a (transformative) change which has to be made.

My need to understand the drivers of change

I got the strong need to understand why individuals and organizations change. I love it to discover why someone or something does what it does. Therefore, I regularly focus my attention to that which drives people or companies by dwelling on the deeper motivations. This characterizes my natural behavior. The condition for discovering the inner motives within systems are strong listening skills. I only have to guide my clients with asking the right questions on the right moment. Guiding someone or a business through a change is everything which I can do. I am always glad to hear that, according to my clients, that is something which I am skilled at.


Entrepreneurship as my passion

My big passion is entrepreneurship. The drive to create and innovate is to me a beautiful art on itself. I really like it to stimulate these entrepreneurial processes within both individuals and teams. That does not necessarily mean that I limit my target audience to entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. Being entrepreneurial is already sufficient. In other words, you can develop yourself into a spiralpreneur even though you’re an employee. ‘A spiralpreneur of what?’ you may ask yourself. Well, of your own life, which includes much more than your finances alone!