About Spiralpreneur

Meet Youri, the initiator of SpiralPreneur

Youri is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow themselves and their business in the most sustainable way. He holds a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship, and has certifications in Spiral Dynamics, NLP, and Ikigai.

By now, Youri has helped dozens of entrepreneurs on their personal & business ambitions—and he’s speaking to close to a hundred entrepreneurs every month. After years of guiding entrepreneurs through their own growth journeys, Youri has developed a highly effective system. It’s called the Yarigai system. This system transforms entrepreneurs into spiralpreneurs.


Our vision

The world which we’re living in is, as you probably noticed, dysfunctional in just too many ways. We firmly believe that the most sustainable way for making the world more functional, is by matching peoples inner value system to their environment.


Our mission

We are committed to help you better align yourself and your business with the environment. We do this by providing you with the right tools and new insights from many different areas and people. This will contribute to living your life and running your business with more of the 3 F’s: flow, fulfillment, and freedom.

Our core values by which we operate daily:







We believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and should be able to focus on what they do best. Without having to worry about the tedious aspects of running a business. That’s why we help entrepreneurs streamline their systems so they can do what they love.

Flow is a state of mind that allows you to be fully engaged with whatever you’re doing, whether it’s work or play. When you’re in flow, you don’t even notice time passing because you’re so focused on what you’re doing at that moment.

Freedom is about more than just money and possessions; it’s about having the freedom to be yourself without judgment or limitations from others. It’s about being able to run your business on your own terms without feeling trapped by other people’s expectations of who they think you should do.

Fulfillment comes from finding purpose in what we do every day—whether it’s work or play—and giving ourselves permission to pursue those things that bring us joy and satisfaction instead of what everyone else thinks we should be doing with our time on earth.

The definition of a spiralpreneur

The name of this business is Spiralpreneur. Because it is our mission to transform as many entrepreneurs into spiralpreneurs. But what does a spiralpreneur actually mean?

It consists of two words: spiral and preneur. The spiral reflects the movement of sustainable development, which doesn’t move linearly but gradually improves with unpredictable jumps. Preneur is derived from the Latin word “prendes”, which means understanding. The definition of a spiralpreneur is someone who understands how sustainable change can be realised and acts upon this knowing. The table shows the differences between the spiralpreneur and its opposite (linearpreneur) in terms of change.