About Spiralpreneur

The initiator behind Spiralpreneur

“My name is Youri. As the initiator of Spiralpreneur, I help small to medium-sized businesses with online ambitions to develop in a sustainable way. I do this by aligning businesses to its changing environment. People nowadays expect more quality, personal expression, and social impact. I help my clients to give substance to these needs for both themselves and their customers. So they will stay ahead of competition and experience more of the 3 F’s: flow, fulfillment, and freedom!

I hold a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and got certifications in different areas, like Spiral Dynamics, NLP, and Ikigai. By now, I consulted dozens of entrepreneurs and I’m speaking close to a hundred entrepreneurs every month. After guiding entrepreneurs for years now, I developed the Yarigai system. This system transforms entrepreneurs into spiralpreneurs. A spiralpreneur successfully deals with the expectation economy which we are living in today.

– Youri Hermes, business development consultant


Our vision

In order to be sustainable as a business, it’s necessary to bring your business in symmetry with its environment. The modern environment is an expectation economy. People expect more quality, social impact, and personal expression. Today, more than ever, it’s needed to fulfil these essential needs with your business to attain sustainable success.


Our mission

We’re transforming entrepreneurs into spiralpreneurs by using our Yarigai system. A spiralpreneur knows how to successfully match their online business ambitions to the social expectations of their environment, both internally and externally.

Our core values by which we operate daily:









The definition of a spiralpreneur

The name of this business is Spiralpreneur. Because it is our mission to transform as many entrepreneurs into spiralpreneurs. But what does a spiralpreneur actually mean?

It consists of two words: spiral and preneur. The spiral reflects the movement of sustainable development, which doesn’t move linearly but gradually improves with unpredictable jumps. Preneur is derived from the Latin word “prendes”, which means understanding. The definition of a spiralpreneur is someone who understands how sustainable change can be realised and acts upon this knowing. The table shows the differences between the spiralpreneur and its opposite (linearpreneur) in terms of change.


Our approach at Spiralpreneur

At Spiralpreneur, we feel the urge to understand why individuals and organisations (want to) change. We want to discover why someone or some business is less functional than it’s potential. After this insight, it’s our passion to guide the inevitable change to make our clients more functional again to their environment. This will generally result in more personal freedom, both financially and mentally. To us, being peaceful & ambitious at the same time is something which can go together perfectly.

In order to achieve more freedom, we regularly focus our attention to that which drives our clients by dwelling on the deeper motivations. Guiding our client through a (big) change is a beautiful but complex process. We are very glad to hear that, according to our clients, guiding them through a change is something which we’re highly skilled at.