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1. Discover your main business goals


2. Determine your main business focus


3. Discover new business opportunities


4. Connect the market to your solution


5. Determine your marketing strategy


6. Develop a marketing and sales funnel


Free yarigai guide for sustainable business development

Sustainable business development in today’s world can be overwhelming, frustrating, and lonely. Your mind is full of questions with no answers. With so many distractions and no clearly defined path, it’s not surprising you’re overwhelmed.

Learn more about the best-practice approach to help you take the right steps towards sustainable success. Don’t waste any more time on creating and testing ad hoc processes that may work. You’ve probably got better things to do.

What does a spiralpreneur mean?

The name of this business is Spiralpreneur. Because it is our mission to transform as many entrepreneurs into spiralpreneurs. But what does a spiralpreneur actually mean?

It consists of two words: spiral and preneur. The spiral reflects the movement of sustainable development, which doesn’t move linearly but gradually improves with unpredictable jumps. Preneur is derived from the Latin word “prendes”, which means understanding. The definition of a spiralpreneur is someone who understands how sustainable change can be realised and acts upon this knowing. The table shows the differences between the spiralpreneur and its opposite (linearpreneur) in terms of change.